Adding Texts to the Project

To dynamically alter gender in a text, pronouns and other gendered words must be identified, and associated with to the corresponding character in a machine-readable format. This is called "tagging."  Watch the tutorial video or follow the instructions on preparing texts.

The Gendered Text Project accepts prepared texts for inclusion on the site. Moderators will review your submission for implementation accuracy and publish it.

To be accepted, texts must either:

  • be granted by the copyright holder (usually, the author) permission to be used
  • be in the public domain

The tutorial video will take you through the following steps:

1. Create a contributor account on this site.

2. Select a text and identify characters to gender-swap. 

3. Use the text preparation tool to identify names, pronouns, and other gendered words.

4. Complete the rest of the tagging on your own.

5. Submit your text to the site for publication.

You can read these instructions in more detail on the tutorial page. Expect to hear back from a moderator within 1-2 weeks about publication.