Replacement Map

Type Female Male Non-Binary
determiner herd (her) hisd (his) hird (their)
object her him them
possessive hers his their
reflexive herself himself themself
subject she he they
Type Female Male Non-Binary
adams throatf (throat) adam's-apple (adam's apple) throatnb (throat)
eyeliner eyeliner (put on eyeliner) eyelinerm (fix his hair) eyelinert (put on sunglasses)
pregnancy childp (a child, strange-faced and with a hungry mouth) infectionp (an infection, a disease that slowly killed) infectiont (an infection, a disease that slowly killed)
stubble stubblef (the deep red painted on her lips) stubblem (the stubble at his jawline the barest suggestion of a shadow.) stubblenb (the long line of hir throat)
Type Female Male Non-Binary
2BRO2B facialf (a lot of facial hair -- an unmistakable mustache) facialm (tight, warped lips -- an unmistakable pout) facialnb (tight, warped lips -- an unmistakable pout)
2BRO2B2 facialf2 (mustaches) facialm2 (pouts) facialnb2 (pouts)
Boston boston-marriage (Boston marriage) bachelors-agreement (Bachelors' agreement) unorthodox-partnership (Unorthodox partnership)
Braxton victoriab (Victoria) victorb (Victor) vicb (Vicky)
Braxton2 cassieb (Cassie) cassb (Casian) casb (Cas)
Braxton3 beatriceb (Beatrice) bertb (Bert) beatricenb (Bertie)
Braxton4 sadieb (Sadie) sammyb (Sammy) sammib (Sami)
Bud sisf (sis) budm (bud) palnb (pal)
Carlos carlax (Carla) carlosx (Carlos) carrix (Carri)
Christ-god mother-goddess christ-god divine-spirit
Ciaran ciara ciaran ciaryn
Ciaran-opp ciara-opp (Ciaran) ciaran-opp (Ciara) ciarynt (Ciaryn)
Demoiselle2 nurse2 (nurse) steward2 (steward) servant2 (servant)
Don donna (Donna) ddon (Don) donne (Donne)
Eros,Philipa,Agape1 jessica1 (Jessica) jessie1 (Jessie) jes1 (Jes)
Eros,Philipa,Agape2 eleanor1 (Eleanor) eugene1 (Eugene) eran1 (Eran)
Eros,Philipa,Agape3 nanette1 (Nanette) nicholas1 (Nicholas) nicky1 (Nicky)
Helen helenf (Helen) haroldm (Harold) harrinb (Harri)
Intertropcial iczf (my belly) iczm (her mother's belly) icznb (before she was born)
LordJapanese kogo tawara kunshu
Marta martaf (Marta) martam (Martin) Martanb (Mari)
Patriarch matriach patriarch ancesternb (ancester)
Repairer1 repairerf (Louise) repairerm (Louis) repairernb (Lou)
Rex reginaf (Regina) rexm (Rex) rexnm (Regis)
RobinHood rh-poemf ("And thus having ended this merry wedding,The bride looked like a queen:And so they re-turned to the merry green wood,Amongst the leaves so green.") rh-poemm ("So they re-turned to the merry green wood,And the bridegroom looked like a king,Amongst the forest leaves so green.Having ended this merry wedding.") rh-poemnb ("And thus having ended this merry wedding, the lovers seemed in a dream:And so they re-turned to the merry green wood,Amongst the leaves so green.")
Santa santaf (Mrs. Claus) santa (Santa Claus) santanb (a north pole elf)
Steaks1 steaksf (Li Yuanhui) steaksm (Li Yuanhui) steaksnb (Li Yuanjing)
Steaks2 steaks2f (Lee Jyun Wai) steaks2m (Lee Jyun Fai) steaks2nb (Lee Jyun Zing)
Test testf (Test Female) testm (Test Male) testnb (Test Non-Binary)
Title1 ms. mr. m.
Title2 mrs. mrr. (Mr.) mm. (M.)
Title3 missf (Miss) mrt (Mr.) mmm (M.)
Wild Card calamity jane wild bill hickock wild card
YMCA ym (YWCA) yw (YMCA) ynb (YMCA)
Zeus athena zeus divinenb (divinity)
abbey abbess abbot abbett
affectionate sweetie sonny sweetums
bear bearf (bear) fatherm (father) raisenb (raise)
beard bhair (head of hair) beard hairr (head of hair)
beard22 beard2f (braid) beard2m (beard) beard2nb (pony tail)
bearded headedf (headed) bearded headednb (headed)
belly bellyf (Breasts that never swelled with milk, belly that never swelled with child.) bellym (Down to loins that have never sown a seed.) bellyt (Body that has never passed on life.)
breast breast nipple nipplenb (nipple)
breast2 breast2 (breast) chest2 (chest) chestnb2 (chest)
breasts breasts pecs chestb (chest)
breasts2 bosom chestt (chest) cchest (chest)
chap gal2 (gal) chap chapnb (soul)
child girl boy childnb (child)
children girls boys girls and boys
clean-shaven clean-shavenf (hair-unbound) clean-shaven clean-shavennb (bare-headed)
clothes1 skirt trousers trousersn (trousers)
clothes2 dress suit suitn (trousers)
clothes3 gown tuxedo outfit
clothes4 pinafore uniform uniformm (uniform)
clothes5 frock frockk (clothes) frockkk (clothes)
clothes6 blouse shirtm (shirt) shirtnb (shirt)
clothes7 petticoats drawersm (drawers) underclothes
clothes8 whimple capm (cap) capnb (cap)
cousin niece nephew siblings child
cowboy cowgirl cowboy cowhand
curves curvesf (soft curves) planesm (hard planes) gracenb (toned grace)
damsel damsel damonsieur (young gentleman) damonsel (young person)
debout plural sistren brethern brethern and sistren
devout nun monk tinitiate (consecrated )
devout2 nun2 (nun) friar holynb (holy person)
diety goddess (goddess) godd (god) god
entered suckedf (she tongued) enteredm (he entered) suckednb (ze sucked)
eruption given birth to ejaculated eruptedd (erupted)
eyeliner eyeliner (put on eyeliner) eyelinerm (fix his hair) eyelinert (put on sunglasses)
fella gal3 (gal) fella scamp3 (scamp)
french1 fille garcon ami
french3 madamee (madame) seigneur honore
french4 mademoiselle monseigneur honoret (honore)
french5 madamff (madame) monsieur honorenb (honore)
french6 demoiselle sieur sieurnb (honore)
gathered gatheredd (gathered my hair into elaborate curls, piled them atop my head) tracedd (traced the stubble on my chin) brushedd (brushed the hair from my face)
gender woman man pperson (person)
genitals cunt dick privatesnb (crotch)
genitals2 cervix ballsm (balls) crotchnb (crotch)
genitals3 cervixf (pressed against her cervix) ballsmm (clutching at his balls) crotchnbb (pressed against hir crotch)
genitals4 cuntf (cunt ass) dickm (ass) cuntnb (ass)
genitals5 cunt5 (Legs.) dick5 (Legs. Dick.) legs5 (Legs.)
gentle ladyt (lady) gentleman (gentleman) gentle spirit (gentle spirit)
girlish girlish boyish childish
grandparent grandmother grandfather grandparent
guy gal guy guyy (guy)
hair salon beauty parlor barber shop hair salon
hieght sixf (six) sevenm (seven) sixnb (six)
high voice soprano tenor high pitched voice
honorifi10 madam2 (madam) mister honored10 (honored)
honorific1 ma-am sir your honor1 (your honor)
honorific11 marchioness marquis honored11 (honored)
honorific12 empress emporer soveriegn12 (sovereign)
honorific12p empresses emporers soveriegn12p (sovereigns)
honorific2 misss (miss) ssir (sir) your honor2 (your honor)
honorific2p missses (misses) ssirs (sirs) your honor2p (your honors)
honorific3 lady lord your honor3 (your honor)
honorific3p ladies lords your honor3p (their honors)
honorific3p2 ladies2 (ladies) lords2 (lords) nobles3p2 (nobles)
honorific4 duchess duke your honor4 (honored)
honorific42 duchess2 duke2 nobles2 (noble)
honorific4p duchesses dukes your honor4p (honored)
honorific4p2 duchesses2p dukes2p nobles2p (nobles)
honorific5 madame sird (sir) your honor5 (your honor)
honorific6 madam sirm (sir) your honor6 (Your honor)
honorific7 countess countt (count) honored7 (honored)
honorific8 baroness baron your honor8 (honored)
honorific9 vicountess earl your honor9
horse filly stallion hhorse (horse)
host hostess hostm (host) hostnb (host)
hosts hostesses hostsm (hosts) hostesses
insult bitch bastard bitch
insult2 vixen knave scamp
insult4 slut sissy whimp
italian1 signora signor amico
kid lass lad kid
knighted damee (Dame) sirr (Sir) sirt (Sir)
low voice alto bass low pitched voice
magic user 1 witch warlock magic user
magic user 2 sorceress sorcerer tsorcerer (sorcerer)
magic user 3 wwitch (witch) wizard wizardd (wizard)
master mistress master masternb (master)
master2p missess2 (missess) masters2 (masters) masternb2 (people)
masters mistresses mastersm (masters) mastersnb (masters)
masturbate masturbatef (puts her fingers in herself) masturbatem (wraps his hand around himself) masturbatenb (touches themself)
matron matron patron1 (gentleman) patronnb (dignified person)
med voice contralto baritone medium pitched voice
mound moundf (soft mound) plateaum (hard plateau) linenb (toned line)
moustache moustachef (mouth) moustache moustachenb (mouth)
mustach2 mustach2f (braids) mustach2 mustach2nd (tattoo)
mustache mustachef (mouth) mustache mustachenb (jaw)
mustachioed mustachioedf (braided) mustachioed mustachioednb (tattooed)
mustachioes mustachioesf (braids) mustachioes mustachioesnb (braids)
offspring daughter son childt (child)
offspring plural daughters sons childrent (children)
pal dame fellow pal (person)
parent mother father parent
parent2 mom dad mom
parent3 mamma papa papi
parent4 ma pa da
parent5 mommy daddy obby
parental maternal paternal parental
parents sibling aunt uncle parents sibling
party party-girl (party girl) frat-boy (frat boy) party-kid (party kid)
paterfamilias matriarch2 (matriarch) paterfamilias paternb (head of the family)
period periodf (her period) periodm (a bloody nose) periodnb (a bloody nose)
plural women men men and women
pregenitor eeve (Eve) aadam (Adam) eave (the first human)
pregnancy childp (a child, strange-faced and with a hungry mouth) infectionp (an infection, a disease that slowly killed) infectiont (an infection, a disease that slowly killed)
priest priestess priest priestt
priest2 nun3 (nun) priest2 (priest) priestt2 (holy person)
profession1 handywoman (maintence woman) handyman hired-helpt (handy sort)
profession2 landlady landlord proprietor
prostitute whore hustler prostitute
prostitute2 hooker hustler2 (hustler) prostitute2 (prostitute)
reproduction ovaries testicles reproductive organs
ruler queen king rulert (ruler)
servant housekeeper butler servantt (servant)
servant2 housemaid footman housemaid
servant3 maid groom servant3 (servant)
sex female male nonbinary
sex2 feminine masculine personalnb (indiscriminate gendered)
shaved cleanedf (groomed) shaved cleanedt (cleaned)
shepherd shepherdess shepherd shepherdnb (shepherd)
sibling sister brother sibling
siblings sisters brothers brothers and sisters
signficant other girlfriend boyfriend spartner (partner)
sire madamfff (my liege) sire sire_n (my liege)
small smallf (small) broadm (broad) impressivenb (impressive)
sovereign princess prince sovereign
sovereign plural princesses princes sovereigns
spade-beard spadef (Spade-heart) spadem (Spade-beard) spadenb (Spade-heart)
spouse wife husband spouse
strumpet strumpet knavem (knave) scampp (scamp)
suffix af (a) om (us) ix (ix)
surogate child-bearer sperm-donor gamete-donor
tiger tigress tiger tigert
veil wimple cowl veil
vest bodice jerkin vestt (vest)
wedding bride groomm wspouse (spouse)
wedding2 bride2 (bride) bridegroom wspouse2 (spouse)
wedding3 matron3 (maid of honor) best3 (best man) bestnb (best friend)
wench wench swain rascalt (rascal)
whiskery whiskeryf (rough) whiskery whiskerynb (rough)
widow widow widower bereft spouse
youth maiden youth yyouth (youth)
Type Female Male Non-Binary
opposite 19 feminie-opp (masculine) masculine-opp (feminine) non-binary-opp (soulful)
opposite 20 whore-opp (hustler) hustler-opp (whore) prostitute-opp (prostitute)
opposite 21 hooker-opp (hustler) hustler2-opp (hooker) prostitute2-opp (prostitute)
opposite 22 lady-opp (lord) lord-opp (lady) noble-opp (noble)
opposite 23 sister-opp (brother) brother-opp (sister) sibling-opp (sibling)
opposite1 woman-opp (man) man-opp (woman) person-opp (man or woman)
opposite10 daughter-opp (son) son-opp (daughter) child-oppn (child)
opposite11 women-opp (men) men-opp (women) people-opp (men or women)
opposite12 wench-opp (swain) swain-opp (wench) rascal-opp (rascal)
opposite13 strumpet-opp (knave) knave-opp (strumpet) scamp-opp (scamp)
opposite14 mistress-opp (master) master-opp (mistress) master-oppn (master)
opposite15 niece-opp (nephew) nephew-opp (niece) cousin-opp (cousin)
opposite16 girl-opp (boy) boy-opp (girl) child-opp (boy or girl)
opposite17 widow-opp (widower) widower-opp (widow) nbwidow-opp (suriviving spouse)
opposite18 queen-opp (king) king-opp (queen) ruler-opp (sovereign)
opposite2 she-opp (he) he-opp (she) they-opp (he and she)
opposite3 her-opp (him) him-opp (her) them-opp (him and her)
opposite4 herd-opp (his) hisd-opp (her) their-opp (his and her)
opposite5 hers-opp (his) his-opp (hers) theirs-opp (his and hers)
opposite6 wife-opp (husband) husband-opp (wife) spouse-opp (spouse)
opposite7 mother-opp (father) father-opp (mother) parent-opp (mother and father)
opposite8 mom-opp (dad) dad-opp (mom) pap-opp (mom or dad)
opposite9 herself-opp (himself) himself-opp (herself) themself-opp (themself)
General 2
Type Female Male Non-Binary
emperor empress emperor sovereignnb (sovereign)