Available Texts

TitleGenreWord count
Anderson, "The Princess and the Pea" Classic Fairy Tale447
Bierce, "A Baby Tramp"Classic Horror1,937
Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland" Children’s Fantasy10,627
Chopin, "The Kiss" Romance1,176
Clark, "Saying the Names" Contemporary Science Fiction5,069
Cross, "Pavlov’s House"Contemporary Science Fiction6,433
Del Rey, "Helen O’Loy" Science Fiction Pulp4,783
Dick, "Beyond the Door" Horror Pulp2,724
Galland, "The Story of Zobeide Told by Herself" Classic Fairytale4,264
Grahame, "The Reluctant Dragon"Children’s Fantasy10,972
Griffith, "Cold Wind"Contemporary Speculative Fiction3,837
Grimm, "The Frog Prince" Classic Fairy Tale1,367
Harte, "The Outcasts of Poker Flat" Western4,376
Henry, "The Cactus"Romace1,402
Howard, "Queen of the Black Coast" Adventure Pulp12,059
Howard, "The Slithering Shadow"Adventure Pulp14,246
Johnson, "Spar"Science Fiction2,450
Kowal, "Beyond the Garden Close"Contemporary Science Fiction1,920
Kowal, "Portrait of Ari"Contemporary Speculative Fiction2,871
Kressel, "The Sounds of Old Earth" Contemporary Science Fiction5,792
Liebe, "Stuckup Stickup" Western Pulp1,876
Lovecraft, "The Call of Cthulhu"Horror Pulp12,271
Martin, "Whip Scorpion" Western Pulp4,498
Maupassant, "A Dead Woman's Secret"Classic Horror 1,589
Moraine, "The Thick Night"Contemporary Science Fiction Romance6,154
Moraine, "What Glistens Back"Contemporary Science Fiction Romance3,322
Norman, "The Phantom Avenger" Detective Pulp6,070
Palwick, "The Shining Hills"Contemporary Fantasy4,277
Potter, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" Children’s Fantasy1,094
Ronald, "Goat Eschatologies"Contemporary Speculative Fiction5,540
Ronald, "The Innocence of a Place"Contemporary Horror4,389
Samatar, "Selkie Stories Are For Losers"Contemporary Speculative Fiction3,628
Shelley, "Frankenstein" Classic Science Fiction75,209
Smale, "Caught Out" Detective Pulp4,538
Snyder, "Magdala Amygdala"Contemporary Horror4,944
Walsh, "The Crimson Clue" Detective Pulp4,254
Walters, "Requiem, for Solo Cello" Contemporary Speculative Fiction1,191
Willams, "The Velveteen Rabbit "Children’s Fantasy4,325