Available Texts

Title Genre Word count Year
Anderson, "The Princess and the Pea" Classic Fairy Tale4481835
Anonymous, "Puss in Boots"Classic Fairy Tale1,9641696
Baldwin, "A Story of Robin Hood"Adventure1,1021896
Bierce, "A Baby Tramp"Classic Horror1,9381891
Bierce, "The Boarded Window"Classic Horror1,9741891
Brackett, "Black Amazon of Mars" Pulp Science Fiction26,9141951
Bulkin, "Intertropcial Convergence Zone" Horror4,3392008
Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland" Children’s Fantasy10,6281865
Chambers, "The Demoiselle D’Ys"Classic Horror6,2471895
Chambers, "The Repairer of Reputations"Classic Horror13,1841895
Chopin, "The Kiss" Romance1,1771895
Clark, "Saying the Names" Contemporary Science Fiction5,0702011
Cross, "Pavlov’s House"Contemporary Science Fiction6,4342014
Del Rey, "Helen O’Loy" Science Fiction Pulp4,7841938
Dick, "Beyond the Door" Horror Pulp2,7251954
Drake, "The Barrow Troll" Adventure Pulp4,727
Galland, "The Story of Zobeide Told by Herself" Classic Fairy Tale4,2671821
Grahame, "The Reluctant Dragon"Children’s Fantasy10,9731898
Griffith, "Cold Wind"Contemporary Speculative Fiction3,8382014
Grimm, "Little Snow-White"Classic Fairy Tale3,3831812
Grimm, "The Frog Prince" Classic Fairy Tale1,3721812
Harte, "The Outcasts of Poker Flat" Western4,3771869
Henry, "The Cactus"Romance1,4031917
Howard, "Queen of the Black Coast" Adventure Pulp12,0561934
Howard, "The Slithering Shadow"Adventure Pulp14,2471933
Johnson, "Spar"Contemporary Science Fiction2,4522009
Kowal, "Beyond the Garden Close"Contemporary Science Fiction1,9212010
Kowal, "Portrait of Ari"Contemporary Speculative Fiction2,8722006
Kressel, "The Sounds of Old Earth" Contemporary Science Fiction5,7932013
Liebe, "Stuckup Stickup" Western Pulp1,8761942
London, "To The Man on the Trail" Adventure3,4661900
Lovecraft, "The Call of Cthulhu"Horror Pulp12,2781928
Lovecraft, "The Terrible Old Man" Pulp Horror1,2411921
Martin, "Whip Scorpion" Western Pulp4,5021948
Martine, "When the Fall is All That’s Left"Contemporary Science Fiction2,4782015
Maupassant, "A Dead Woman's Secret"Classic Horror 1,5901884
Moraine, "The Thick Night"Contemporary Science Fiction Romance6,1552011
Moraine, "What Glistens Back"Contemporary Science Fiction Romance3,3232014
Norman, "The Phantom Avenger" Detective Pulp6,0711943
Ozaki, "My Lord Bag of Rice"Classic Fairy Tale2,4871711
Palwick, "The Shining Hills"Contemporary Fantasy4,2782017
Potter, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" Children’s Fantasy1,0951902
Prasad, "A Series of Steaks"Contemporary Science Fiction8,4002017
Rambo, "Five Ways to Fall In Love on Planet Porcelain"Contemporary Speculative Fiction3,9452013
Rambo, "The Dead Girl's Wedding March"Contemporary Fantasy1,8012006
Ronald, "Goat Eschatologies"Contemporary Speculative Fiction5,5412007
Ronald, "The Innocence of a Place"Contemporary Horror4,3902014
Sabatini, "Intelligence"Thriller5,1811918
Samatar, "Selkie Stories Are For Losers"Contemporary Speculative Fiction3,6292013
Schwarz, "Upgrade"Contemporary Science Fiction4,5972016
Shelley, "Frankenstein" Classic Science Fiction75,2061818
Smale, "Caught Out" Detective Pulp4,5391914
Smith, "The Game of Rat and Dragon"Science Fiction6,0001955
Snyder, "Magdala Amygdala"Contemporary Horror4,9452014
Swirsky, "Eros, Philia, Agape"Contemporary Science Fiction13,0982009
Swirsky, "Portrait of Lisane da Patagnia"Contemporary Fantasy9,2342012
Vonnegut, "2 B R 0 2 B"Science Fiction2,8931962
Walsh, "The Crimson Clue" Detective Pulp4,2551941
Walters, "Requiem, for Solo Cello" Contemporary Speculative Fiction1,1922015
Wilde, "The Fisherman and his Soul"Fantasy15,0111891
Willams, "The Velveteen Rabbit "Children’s Fantasy4,3261922